Welcome to Rehman Therapy! I am a licensed clinical social worker who works with adolescents, adults, couples, and families presenting with various issues. I create a safe, caring, and non-judgmental environment in which my clients can feel comfortable to express themselves and receive the support needed to reach their goals. I believe strongly in starting where my client is and helping them to identify their challenges.

Rehman Therapy

Providing Mental health & Substance Abuse Treatment To All


A whole body experience that impacts how you perceive the world. At times, it can feel debilitating. With the help of therapy, you will learn how to build up your tolerance for emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and situations that create discomfort. It's time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable!

Substance Abuse

The disease of addiction can be a challenging road, especially it being an isolating illness. Learning how to fight the urge to engage in addictive behaviors will be a valuable coping skill to manage your addiction. Having support in learning these skills will be crucial in the healing and recovery process.

Mood Disorders‚Äč

Emotions can be like a roller coaster, fluctuating in ways that become unmanageable. Finding ways to challenge unhealthy coping patterns and incorporating positive skills can help improve mood and daily functioning.

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